Pegasus Album Review


Matthew Arellano

On the night of October 30, 2020, artist Trippie Redd released his album Pegasus, after first announcing it back in March of this year. Countless times, he has teased his tracks on his Instagram account and even released 3 songs as singles. Pegasus has received good feedback, even as the album includes 26 songs. Trippie also plans to release a long anticipated album known as Neon Shark, during this month, which is a collection of rock songs Trippie has been working on.

The album starts with a strong first 4 songs, you are able to hear Trippie’s vocal capability and catchy flows that make his songs succeed so much. I believe that these songs are the first impression in what you’re going to expect to hear in this album. I don’t believe Trippie cared about the song order of his album because there’s hard rap in certain sections of it, but then it tones back down to him singing. Trippie’s lyrics have never been exceedingly well, sometimes they’re even cringy, but it adds to the childish and young feel for the audience he is trying to target. Love, gangs, life, joy, emotion, and tribulations are what Trippie shared in his album. His debut album Life’s A Trip was absolutely astonishing, but I think Pegasus could be even better.

Some of my favorite songs on the album are Kidd That Kidd, TR666, Love Scars 4, The Nether, Weeeeee, and Moonlight. Trippie has had this song saga of songs called Love Scars which usually come in each of his A Love Letter to You album’s, but this Love Scars 4 HAS to be the best one in the whole saga. His vocals and delivery is just so perfect for what he can do. Moonlight is such a good old school, heavy bass R&B song where Trippie exceeds on his chorus.

Kidd That Kidd has to be my favorite song on the album, there’s no doubt about it whatsoever. The song features artists Future and Doe Boy, the song’s bass overcomes every other thing about the song, so what could really go wrong about that. Trippie’s chorus and verse are super catchy and performed extremely well, the way it’s rapped just sounds like he’s spitting lyrics so naturally.

I think this album is better than his debut Life’s A Trip not by much, but it’s enough. The album of Pegasus is a 9/10. The production is good, the features are amazing. Trippie has a song with his idol Lil Wayne, there’s also a song with Busta Rhymes that has the same hook as the classic I Know What You Want. The album has so much emotion and floating flows and beats that need no other explanation.