Kayla and Ramil’s Food Adventures: Wingstop vs Buffalo Wild Wings

Kayla and Ramils Food Adventures: Wingstop vs Buffalo Wild Wings

This has always been a very controversial topic for wing lovers everywhere, Wing-stop vs Buffalo Wild Wings. While it is technically the same type of food, they are completely different in flavors and quality. Both these wing establishments are favorable for certain situations, but the best place to go to depends on your personal preference. 

Wing-stop has the perfect dry seasoning and sauce texture for those who don’t like their wings too wet or messy. With 10 flavors to choose from, this wing joint keeps it simple, easy and tasty, and has something for everyone from BBQ lovers, spicy wing lovers, people who enjoy sweet and tangy flavors, and more! Usually, we’ll share a 20pc meal with tasty lemon pepper wings and mango habanero. The Former wings of choice come with a salty and tangy taste that is coated with the right amount of pepper, while the latter wings are covered in a sweet and spicy mango habanero sauce. Although it’s a small area, Wing-stop is perfect for a quick bite with a group of friends or even by yourself.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant with longer waiting times, but many more wing flavors to choose from. BWW has a wide variety, always providing a broad horizon for their customers with 16 signature sauces and five dry seasonings. This wing franchise has the perfect quality wings for those who believe the messier, the better. Every inch of the wing is slathered in the sauce of your choice and spreads throughout the plate for more flavor. BWW’s choices of hot wings are the best blend of flavors and are guaranteed to leave you satisfied with a runny nose and burning lips.

Both of these wing places are good in their own ways, it just tastes preference. If your taste buds strive for wet wings and more take a trip to BWW, but if you love dry wings and don’t want to be shorted on seasoning Wing-stop is the place for you.