Why High schools should allowed Boxing?

Why High schools should allowed Boxing?

Are you tired of seeing fights around your school? Tired of parks with childish students fighting for no reason? Well we are going to talk about why boxing should be allowed in school and how it could decrease fights at your school.

 A lot of times schools aim to create an outlet for kids who are not interested in traditional sports. Boxing is one of those programs for high school students that could both increase student involvement as well as lower discipline issues. We think that students in their Sophomore year and up should be allowed to box in an organized and safe setting. Freshman are not good candidates for the program as they are still developing and maturing from middle school.

We believe it will decrease fights due to it being a good safe outlet for aggression and anger. For example two guys are having an issue with each other over a typical issue like a girl. Usually an argument like this it will start with a the students interrupting their class with an argument. This may lead to a fight now, or it may grow bigger and bigger until it erupts into a fight later that day or week.

If they argument does erupt into a fight within the walls of the classroom then a CSM is needed and often times multiple CSMs and administrators are taken away from their paid duties to help deal with a teenage argument over a crush. Once everything settles down the two that fought usually take it to the park with there buddies and end with a rumble between multiple people now instead of a one on one fight. 

If a Boxing program at school existed, then these two teenage boys from the original example above could have been mediated and agreed to box each other with gloves head gear, creating a safe environment to release aggression in.

Boxing is also wonderful for all students that play any sports as it teaches self discipline. Boxing also teaches discipline, patience, respect, and good manners. The sport could also help kids with hand-eye coordination as well as get you in shape. It’s not the fact that boxing brings violence it’s the fact that its a sport that allows you to get that violent aggression out in  a safe environment as well as bringing people scholarships in ways they never could have imagined. Not everyone is built for football, soccer, wrestling, track, or basketball.