Great America Senior Trip Essentials

Great America Senior Trip Essentials

Seniors! Be aware that your Great America trip is on Friday, May 3. Here is a list of what you should bring with you. This can help make your trip be comfortable and fun!

#1 Carry on Bag: It’s a good idea to bring a small bag that won’t be a hassle to deal with. You can store small items in there like a wallet, camera, etc.

#2 Sunscreen: Please take care of your skin and bring SPF sunscreen. This can help you a lot, when the sun is beaming on you when standing in long lines waiting for that awesome ride you’ve been dying to get on. (Minimum SPF 45 recommended)

#3 Wipes:  Make sure to carry a packet of wipes. You can use them to; to clean your hands, getting a stain off of your shirt, wiping a bench down, or more.

#4 Snacks:  If you’re a hungry person (like most of us) you might want to consider packing a few snacks for the ride, and save some when it’s time to go home. If not the amusement park will have food but at a steeper price. 

#5 Reusable Water Bottle:  It’s always better carrying some sort of water bottle when you’re going out and having fun for a while. Better than carrying a bunch of heavy water bottles, to be honest.

#6 Wallet: Bring something simple to carry your money in. It can be a hassle carrying unneeded items in your wallet so make sure you bring the amount of money desired and leave any other items back at home.

#7 Ziplock Bags: These can come in handy on water rides. This way items such as phones and money won’t get wet. When clothes get wet, like your socks, just pop those bad boys in the bag and put them away.

#8 Extra Clothes: The fact that Great America is in the Bay Area means that you should consider bringing another change of clothes. Sometimes the weather up there is either gloomy or sunny, consider checking the weather for no further confusion.

#9 Portable Charger: Everyday we are on our phone, all day. Make sure to bring a portable charger and a wire that keeps your phones battery near 100%.

#10 Designated meeting spots:  If you’re with a group and for some strange reason you lose track of them, always make sure to tell each other where you should meet in case of an emergency.

As always, this is a school event and students must act accordingly. Please use the restrooms that are provided for you and watch your language around other park goers. Most of all though, enjoy your time at the park with your friends.