Kayla and Ramil’s Favorite Foods: Ghirardelli Chocolate Outlet


The Crissy Field Cookie Bits Sundae at Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop

Kayla Ruiz and Ramil Mckinney

This years Valentines Day we took a 25 minute journey to The Ghirardelli Chocolate outlet in Lathrop off I-5. As we walked through the entrance the aroma of chocolate and warm cookies filled our noses. Throughout the store there are items from baking necessities to specialized chocolate based on the season as well as sweet deserts. There are individual chocolate squares at around 5 dollars per half pound with various flavors such as crème brûlée, strawberry bark, caramel, sea salt, peppermint, raspberry, mint filling, dark chocolate, and many more.

The Crissy Field Cookie Bits Sundae caught our eyes on the desert filled menu. Based with three scoops of ice cream, two of them cookies n’ cream and one creamy vanilla. Handmade hot  chocolate fudge is drizzled onto the ice cream and topped with fluffy whipped cream intertwined with chocolate chip cookie chunks and two milk chocolate caramel minis. But that is not were it ends, it is finished off with premium chocolate chip cookies itself, and gooey yet crispy Brownies to top it. 

Similar to the Land of Milk and Cookies to fulfill the needs of your sweet tooth, we rate this chocolate establishment 10/10.