TV Review: Psych

Fake psychic. Real detectives.

It’s rare for a television show to be able to present such a… strange yet refreshing idea in a world of blatant try hard comedy. It’s rarer for the idea to actually be accepted as good by a majority and appreciated by people all around. It’s even rarer to get eight seasons of good, comedic and progressive comedy and still not be tired of it. That’s what Psych is, a strange refreshing story surrounded in comedic goodness.


Psych, a comedy about two detectives with one faking a Psychic. Pineapples beware.
Psych, a comedy about two detectives with one faking a Psychic. Pineapples beware.


The show stars Shawn Spencer (James Roday), a boy trained to observe and deduct by his policeman father, and Burton ‘Gus’ Guster (Dulé Hill) an intelligent man working in pharmaceuticals and Shawn’s childhood friend, who work as detectives for the police. The reason why? Shawn’s a psychic. … Not really. However, he does have heightened observation skills which allow him to see important clues with ease.


The show starts off with jobless Shawn Spencer, raking in money for giving tips to the police that land them right to the killer. Giving them so many tips has led the police to believe that he’s an inside man and arrest him. His only testimony? He’s a psychic. Dragging along lifelong friend Burton ‘Gus’ Guster for the ride, Shawn and Gus solve the case and run their own consultation office known as ‘Psych’.


It’s surprising how this show exists with the content and the comedy just oozing out like a river stream in comparison to everything else out right now. With most shows out there they derive their brand of comedy to ridiculous family hijinks and the common cringe worthy ‘doing something embarrassing by over exaggerating but be totally serious about it’ (The Middle, Life in Pieces, pretty much every Disney Channel non animated show created in 2010 and higher) Psych does it’s own thing by being unexpected and witty while still maintaining the balance between a comedy and a detective show.


How much does Fergalicious qualify as a word?


There are a lot of hidden gems deep within the realms of television and Psych is, by far, one of the best to find. The situations range from comedic to tragic, the mysteries are interesting to watch, and the characters are all lovable. This is something that cannot be recommended enough.