Survey Story

College should be open for everyone who is willing to go the extra mile in life. At Cesar Chavez High School, I wanted to know what each students are planning to do after high school. And all of the students I have asked are planning to attend college at some point in their life.

48 out of 50 students I have asked said yes to college straight after high school. Mikee Escalona and Dhea Sayson are both going to the Air Force before going to college. But eventually going to college.

One of the questions was their degree choice of getting their Associate, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate. 38% of students are looking forward to getting a Masters, beating Bachelors with 36%, Associates with 14%, and with Doctorate at 12%.

A follow up question was their choice of school they wanted to attend. 17 students are deciding to go to a CSU,  8 students with UC, 14 of which are going to stay in Stockton and plan on attending Delta College, and the rest of the students are going somewhere else or still undecided.

This survey is a nice way to see where our students will be in the next year or so. Some of us will be out of town, aiming for our dream job. Where we decide to go, we all plan to live the college life.