Drugs War on school grounds revised

“Drugs are menacing our society, threatening our values, and undercutting our institutions,”said former president Ronald Reagan. This all started back in 1971 when president Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs and made it public enemy number one. Although it was his job to handle problems like these there still wasn’t a stop to the so called “war on drugs”. There has been a big spike in numbers on getting drugs into the United States from pills, marijuana, cocaine, and more.Now this problem has made it into our schools..

Schools around the U.S. are trying to stop the drugs that walk into school grounds. “It is mostly the high schools that actually have drugs on campus most the time,” says Canuto “there’s a three and ten chance that you will find it on a middle school campus but you will find it.” High schools can’t not stop this problem due to the fact of students hiding them right under the campus security’s noses. Students often find it very easy to hide and conceal drugs, all it takes is a place to put it in where they feel most confident they wont get caught.

District school police and school staff are finding new ways every year to try and stop this problem with dogs, pat downs, classroom searches, and if necessary strip searches. Even though they try there hardest everyday they still can’t get everyone that is in possession of drugs or narcotics. A district officer said, “Yes we try everything we can do catch these students but, even certain students are impossible to detect because that’s the last person you would think or believe to have drugs.”

Since the year 2014, schools around the U.S. has been a slight drop in students bringing drugs on campus. Though it is not much of a big dent but “in the next five to ten years there will be major progress” said Canuto. There will always be a way to smuggle drugs on school campus it’s just who and what there are bringing.