Off Campus Lunch Option

Should upperclassmen be able to leave off campus for lunch?

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Our school has a problem with the students leaving campus whenever they please to get themselves a better tasting lunch. This is only a problem because the administrators do not allow the students to get food from wherever they please. We would not have this problem if students were given the opportunity to have the option of leaving campus during lunch to get food.

Students, usually upperclassmen, would leave school during lunch or even ditch their class just so they can have a meal that will satisfy them. Instead of the CSM being so strict and trying to force the students to stay on campus, we should have a compromise. Instead of not allowing anyone to leave, the upperclassmen should be able to go off campus. However it should have some kind of strategy behind it, allowing only those with a certain gpa and higher, or certain grades to leave.

Allowing students off campus may seem like it would be a difficult process to decide who can leave, etc. however, it can also be another way to motivate students to do better and accomplish more. Another thing people may say is a problem would be that students might not have their own vehicle, but they probably have friends that do. Students can go out with friends and carpool together. There are many fast food restaurants and stores nearby where our school is located, so time would not be a problem.

Schools should be able to give their students the option of leaving campus to get lunch. It is something simple but would make the students happy and appreciative. What’s better than having a school with happy students?

Students shouldn’t be forced to stay on campus for lunch if they find school lunch dissatisfying.

— Jordan Cramer, 12, Communication Technology