Off campus lunch is a must !

Lunch time

Students are continuously ditching school to leave and get lunch. Students find their ways to get around the campus policies by simply walking off campus. There’s a record of unexcused absences and tardies due to students leaving because they don’t allow us to. So if they leave they won’t come back. Students are constantly getting in trouble for ditching and this causes problems with campus police. This makes more problems.

Student can earn their off campus lunch by having responsible transportation. Student drivers must have license and enough seat-beats for all other upper class-man students that are in their car. All students should be on track to graduate in order to qualify for off campus lunch passes.Students could be on a three strike warning. If students are late to their next period more than three times then they loose there privilege. Off campus lunch shouldn’t be as big of a deal as we make it. All upper classmen are old enough to know right from wrong. So if students want to be immature and loose their privilege to get off camps that on them. This will help security prevent conflict with students. Don’t punish all the the students for certain students mistakes. 

If we had off campus lunch I would eat lunch because lunch here at Chavez sucks

— Jordan Cramer,12, Communication Technology

Students will ditch.The will have no incentive to come to class if they’ve already left school! All things administrators think, but little do they know how much students will follow the ruled to keep this privilege. Administrators constantly say students will abuse off campus lunch power. They think the worst scenarios,but in reality we need to plan for the best.


Students should be allowed to get off campus lunch. Current students are forced to stay on campus to eat the school’s unflavored food or refuse to eat it at all. As a result, many students leave to go get tasty food. To resolve the problems of ditching and wasted food, students should be allowed to earn their off campus passes if they are upper classmen.

How do you feel about upper class-man having the privilege to go off campus for lunch?

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