Why is the girl’s bathroom so unsanitary?

CCHS Bathrooms Unsanitary?

Princess Barlay, Reporter

A concern all Cesar Chavez girls have is the girls bathrooms being so unsanitary with insufficient soap, toilet paper, urine all over the seats, and girls leave pads/tampons all over in the stalls. The problem is, that the bathrooms are so unsanitary that students can’t even use them, and may cause infections from sitting on to the stool, and from holding your urine. This causes students to not focus in class, and they are off topic because they are basically paranoid.  A solution to this problem is opening more bathrooms around the school,  and go check/clean the bathroom every 30 minutes to an hour.

A solution to this problem would be to check the bathroom every 30 minutes to an hour to see if there is enough toilet paper/soap. They should always check since us girls have more problems than boys do. All bathroom stalls should include seat covers because in case some students have to take a number two, and they wouldn’t want to sit on a plain seat, with nothing covering it. The custodians need to check the bathroom often instead of about twice a day, because students need to use soap to wash their hands. Yes, students may waste it, but being sanitary and not spreading germs is much better. They need to have a better place to put the used pads/tampons because that one little drop box in each stall isn’t sanitary at all. More than one girl will touch it and dispose her pad/tampon in it, and all touch it with there bare hands, then when they come out there is no soap available to use. What the school needs to do is have gloves available to use, and then somewhere proper to dispose of the feminine uses.

Malajanay Henson that attends CCHS disagreed with my statement and responded saying, “We don’t need soap, we can use hand sanitizer,  and we can get back to class faster. We also don’t need seat covers if we need to take a number two, go home or take it before you arrive to school. They don’t need to replace the drop box wear we dispose our pads/tampons, they can change it before they arrive to school, and after.”

In response, “Soap is sanitary because it makes your hands a little bit clean, but when using soap and hot water it kills all the germs, that may eventually try to erupt. Seat covers are sanitary, what if someone didn’t have to take a number two before school, and had to take it at school? Drop boxes may cause diseases or infections because you never know what someone has. Sometimes girls have heavy periods, and can’t keep one pad throughout the school day.”

The problems concerning the bathrooms are covered in toilet paper, blood on the seats, pee on the seats, not enough toilet paper or soap, and pads all over the stall floors. They need to check the bathroom about every 30 minutes to an hour just to make sure there is enough of everything there. If the bathrooms aren’t clean, parents and students will start complaining to the district. If the district won’t take action this will result in diseases, and infections.

“All bathrooms should have enough toilet paper, and soap.”

— La'Mia Lee, Freshman

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