Wearing School IDs

Should this rule continue?

Wearing school IDs is an inconvenience for students and staff. Students at Cesar Chavez High School are required to wear student IDs. On the IDs is their picture, name, and grade. If a student the ID is not around the students neck they can get stopped by CSMs. If they have their id on their backpack but not around their neck they’re told to put it on but take it off once out of view of the CSM. However when they don’t have it on them they are given a detention slip. On top of that a student’s bathroom privileges are taken away and are not permitted to leave the classroom.

The only way to fix the problem is to stop the ID rule altogether. There is no need for it.  The school ID is only used to get lunch and check out textbooks but there are scanners that they use already if someone forgets their ID. Therefore nothing will change if the ID rule leaves. Students also think that it causes to big of a hassle. Students could get a late start and forget to grab their ID or it gets lost somewhere and they have to pay to replace it. Since they didn’t bring their ID they are not authorized to leave the class even if they have to make a trip to the bathroom.

Authorities and staff members may think that the IDs are helpful because you can identify students quickly. However if it is so important to identify a student you can stop them and ask because even if they had their ID on, you still would have to stop them to read the ID. Authorities then might even say it helps them to know if a students attends the school or not. Although this may be true, students would not attend school if they didn’t have too. Nevertheless someone else’s school.

To stop the hassle, loss of privileges, and the inconvenience of not having your ID, students can sign a petition to not wear the IDs and send it to the district office. They can even have the student board and administrative board have a meeting to discuss the ID issue. The requirement to wear student IDs at Cesar Chavez High School should stop.

I feel that wearing school ID are unnecessary because they easily can be forgotten or misplaced.

— Gabriela Hernandez, 9th, Health Science

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