Toilet Seat Covers

No toilet seat covers !

Ysabelle Adame, Managing Editor

Have you ever walked into the school’s bathroom and needed to urinate or do your business, but had to walk back out because there are no toilet seat covers? Students don’t understand why the school doesn’t have toilet seat covers. The bathroom toilets are not always cleaned daily and that is very unsanitary. Students are forced to either sit on the disgusting seat, squat over the toilet ,or hold it in till they get home. Students won’t have to suffer any longer if the school were to just buy toilet seat covers.

The schools bathrooms are disgusting the school needs to get toilet seat covers.

— Gabriela Hernandez freshman SLC health

If the school would buy toilet seat covers not only the students are satisfied but also the teachers which is a plus. Happy students and happy teachers. Most students are forced to hold in their pee. According to my research holding in large amounts of urine for an extended period of time also exposes your body to potentially harmful bacteria, which can increase your chances of getting a urinary tract infection or bladder infection. Which is not good at all, simply buying toilet seats can prevent that for students and teachers.

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Why do students think we are right and need toilet seat covers? Well the school bathroom toilets are cleaned very often. Most students who use them who don’t really care about them selves sit on the toilet. Other students and my self sometimes have to wait till we go home when they don’t have toilet paper which is another issue.ISABELLE ADAME

Toilet seat covers would be a very good idea. A way we could call attention to this problem is the school should look at all the bathrooms toilets. Once they finally see what the toilets look like hopefully they buy the seat covers. That would make ” the go” more enjoyable and the toilet seats will be cleaner. The school should really think about how to keep things more clean especially the schools bathrooms. The school bathrooms are used by everyone to do their business.