Students That don’t Do Work


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People should care about their education or they will regret it when they grow up. They are messing up our percentage of graduating students for the U.S. This will show how the other states are better than us and people would not recommend going to the U.S. It is also messing up our community and making teenagers hard for them to find jobs. If this problem is resolve then we would not have any disruptions in class.

The meaning of no disruptions is students will pass their class. Especially no fighting because if they care about their education they will decide to focus on their class. There won’t be any problems with the teacher unless they give a F if they don’t like you which there are a few teachers that are like that in Cesar Chavez High School. Most importantly, they won’t be in debt when they grow up and will have a good paying job.

People who disagree will soon know for themselves what will happen to them in the future. You will regret making this decision upon yourself and your life is going to be a disaster.

The students should know education is important and make good decisions as they go through their life or they will have problems in their life. We should take action and have more strict teachers that care about this and help.