Providing Students With Free Lunch

Free Lunch!

I think it is convenient for students who are hungry during lunch.

— De Zainae Roberts

Lunch should be free for students because not everyone can afford lunch weekly. Students shouldn’t have to pay for their lunches. It’s not fair that some students pay while others don’t. And some of those students who do pay, well their parent’s income isn’t even enough to provide for food at home. And if students get hungry by the time lunch comes around but if they have to pay for their lunch, they will most likely not buy or eat lunch. As a solution, I propose that the school, or school board should just hand out free lunch to all students, or at least to the students who needs it most.

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When students are provided free lunch, their parents and them can spend the spare money on other things that is far more important. And for the kids, who do pay for their food, they have a far less selection and variety of food to choose from. If students had free food, they would eat everyday, and not wait till they get home.  Nor will they complain about being hungry. And the parents wouldn’t have to pay.

Yes, some students parents do make more or enough to provide for their child weekly. The school lunches are around two to three dollars a day, some may pay even less. Whereas others income may come from a single working parent. And it’ll be unfair to students who cannot get school lunches weekly.

To conclude, some students have to pay daily or weekly for school lunches. That should stop. Students should be provided free food. To end or prevent this from continuing, we could have a petition. Better yet, have a PTA meeting with the school board and try to end this.