Problem With Paying For School Lunches

Free school lunches now!

Students now a days in the Stockton community are being told to pay for school lunch. There have been many parents complaining that it’s not fair. This is because those who get a higher income rage than what they’re supposed to get, pay for lunch, and those who don’t go over their income rage don’t need to pay. Some students pay less, more, or not even at all. Just because most parents earn extra money, it doesn’t mean that they actually have money to themselves because they still need to pay bills/takes, provide a home, food, and clothing for their family. 

It’s a public school, there’s no reason why students should be paying for their lunch.

— Rodolfo Hernandez, 12th, Health Science

If every student were to have free lunch from now on, parents wouldn’t complain anymore. If there was free lunches for every student, those who used to pay, will now have more food choices. This is because when the students would forget their lunch money, they were only given fruit, for example an apple, and that isn’t enough. Sometimes school cafeterias wouldn’t even provide fruit for those who are supposed to pay but don’t, and the students would go throughout the whole school day with an empty stomach. Free lunches would make things easier for the fact that all students get to eat, and there’s no more complaining parents. GABRIELA HERNANDEZ

In order to solve this problem, we can have a huge debate in the community and take the results to the Stockton Unified School District and discuss why we believe school lunches need to be free for everyone. Having others take action that are on your side will be a big help because they’ll probably have convincing ideas as well. Most likely if we were to talk to the district they would say that just because some students aren’t told to pay, it doesn’t mean everyone gets that opportunity. Though, those who are against the district would come up with something similar on how it’s not fair that not everyone gets free lunch, but those who do right now don’t even appreciate lunch. Our responses back to the district seem to be right because those who pay are always complaining, and so if we had free lunch everything would be settled and their would be equal chances for everyone. 

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Over all, students are being charged for school lunch daily, while parents stay complaining for the fact that it’s not fair how some students aren’t charged for lunch. To change things up, students should all be given free school lunches without having to worry about not forgetting their lunch money at home. Also, if there was free lunches for everyone,the lunch lines would go faster and parents will be happy for their equal rights.