Chavez nasty bathroom’s

School bathroom’s are disgusting.

When you walk into the bathroom, and the first thing you see in there is trash all over the floor. Sometimes it’s even on the toilet and the school’s janitors don’t clean it up. People should watch out for things like that since, besides that it’s nasty to step, you could get you sick from the bacteria that is everywhere. We should have the janitor’s clean the bathroom’s twice every three days.

By having the janitors clean them up four times a week, which will help make sure it’s decent and not as nasty. We can also limit how many and who goes and use the bathroom each day by having a checklist and notes with specific signatures or emblems to make sure its authentic.

The janitors, who clean all day, should not be responsible for cleaning up after kids who make the mess. The students choose the option of cleaning it up or not but still choose not doing it in general so it makes situations or help pointless. Both students and janitor’s could clean side by side for making sure the bathroom’s are up to standards.

The school’s bathroom are dirty and nasty, but with cooperation, we, both students and janitors can help keep the bathroom’s clean. Cleaning crews and students who want to make our school better for our call to action.

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