Everybody Loves Chicken ?

Chicken wings are classic appetizers that are popular amongst all age groups. Whether they are for a get together like a Super Bowl party or ordered at a restaurant, chicken wings are a must have. The wide variety of flavors and convenience of being a finger food makes chicken wings the perfect indulgence.

Fifty Cesar Chavez High School students were surveyed to see if they liked chicken wings and if so what was their favorite type and flavor. Not surprisingly, hot wings stole the show.

I really love chicken wings because there are so many different flavors and they taste good hot or cold.

— Oshanay Roberts

The students were first asked did they prefer bone in or boneless. Boneless was the number one choice with 54 percent of the votes. Forty-six percent chose bone-in.

When the results for what flavor were tallied, spicy was the most popular with 42 percent of the votes and BBQ was second with 30 percent of the votes. Lemon pepper, honey mustard, and garlic parmesan were also well liked.

CCHS students were also asked where was their favorite place to get it from. There is many places to choose from however Buffalo Wild Wings and Wing Stop were most popular. Wing Zone and Chicken Town were some of the other answers.

Overall the conducting of this survey showed the student’s opinion and preference towards chicken. The results showed it is enjoyed by all because of the different flavors and it’s great taste.

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What is your favorite flavor of chicken wings if you like them ?

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