The movie genre’s people like to watch

Who likes to watch movies when they’re bored or have nothing to do. I do this sometimes myself when I’m bored or want to watch something that I’m interested in.

I had surveyed up to 50 people in order to conduct this experiment since that was the required amount to do so. Next, I asked seniors and students in and out of my classes and during classes at my school, Cesar Chavez High School.

The findings that I found interesting were the number of preferred Action movies, the low number of Thriller movies, and a decent amount of Comedy movies that, people seem to enough the most or least.

The second most important findings that I found were that Animation movies were higher than Scary movies. That out of the 50 students that voted, only two people who had a dislike towards movies.

From Raymundo Altarmirano, a senior at Cesar Chavez High School, in the Health SLC, had concluded that movies were “Overrated”.

The results that I had that are notable were that five or more of my polls choices were answered with at least one to two votes the maximum.

In the end of my survey experiment, I believed that the end of it had helped out what why the results were important. The first one would be that, it informs readers that a majority of the students like which type of genres. The second, would that there was a high demand of Action movies that were preferred.

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