Students and Their Feelings on Video Games

What with the recent surge of video game hype now a days, you’d figure that teenagers are all into the whole video game craze. Why there are popular titles that teens can easily recognize like Super Mario and Call of Duty. As a curious minded individual I decided to take this opportunity to discover how typical teens feel about these ever progressing forms of entertainment.

In the graph shown above it demonstrates that out of the consensus of 50 local high school students 72% of them do in fact like video games with 24% saying that they don’t and 4% saying that they are on the fence with them. When asked why they don’t like video games they commonly said that they’re “not interesting” and a “waste of time”.

I then asked, to those that do like video games, what their favorite console brand was. Half of them reported that Playstation was their favorite with X-Box at second with 26% and Nintendo having only 16%. It seems like with age comes a need for more ‘mature’ games as many said games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto were their favorites.