Do you like french fries??

French  fries  are  mostly eaten by everyone, but how many out of 50. French fries were first introduced to Europe not by the French but by the Spanish in 1537. I surveyed 50 students from Cesar Chavez High School to see how many like fries and to see how many don’t. I also asked what were the sauces they used to eat with the french fries and where they got them from. Some students  liked some interesting dipping sauces. I asked the students in my class who I thought would be kind enough to answer, and a few as I saw them walking  around campus.

French fries are either eaten at lunch or dinner but you can eat them at anytime of the day. Forty-eight out of 50 students like french fries the other two didn’t think they were “flavorful”  enough. When I would ask students where they loved to get their fries from, 18 out of people loved their fries from In-N-Out.

 ” In-N-Out has fresh fries and they cut them freshly in the restaurant,” said Arriceli Say a freshman,  “and you can have their special spread that is good.”

The second place that students chose to eat at was McDonalds. Sixteen out of 50 chose McDonalds. Very few said any other places like Burger King, but the students who chose that had nice reasons why they got fries from there.

” I like my french fries from Burger King because they are thick cut and I grew up going there.”

— Marcos S. Health 9th

Do you like french fries ?

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 ” I like my french fries from burger kind because they are thick cut.”  a freshman Marcos S. said  and ” because I grew up going there.”

When I asked what was their favorite dipping sauce they used I gave them the choices: ranch, BBQ, mayo, ketchup, or other. Twenty-five out of 50 loved  ketchup. The sauce that came in second place was ranch. Twelve out of 50 students said they love ranch with their fries. Most students who chose In-N-Out ate their fries with their special spread or their famous animal fries. When students asked me how many students said no they expected me to say none, but when I told them two students out of people said no they were surprised and a little bit disappointed.

“How can some one not like fries, what’s not to like about them?” asked Judy M. freshman.

Over all, after surveying the students and finding out what dipping sauce or where did they prefer getting their fries from I realized how differently people eat their fries, and their personal opinion on them. The students who didn’t like fries said, “French fries were unflavored and dry.” In my opinion, fries are heaven. My favorite fries are chili cheese fries. They are the bomb. They are so cheesy and saucy so if you think fries are dry you should try them.