CCHS Students That Use a Pencil or Don’t Use a Pencil

Do you use a pencil?

This was my question I surveyed around the school and it seems many people use a pencil. Then my second question is which brand you use and basing on my results they mostly use BIC. Then my multiple choice question is which you rather prefer pen or pencil and this should be obvious, its pencil

I surveyed 50 people with this question and it was 1 senior and the rest seniors. This took place in Cesar Chavez high school and I conducted it in the classrooms and in front of the school. This took me about a day and 3 hours and was happy to finish it.

I found out that most student in this school use a pencil because I calculated it and it was 78%  out of 50 people in this school and 39 answer this. However they also prefer pen the most too but my question was if they use a pencil or not and they would have to answer yes or no. There were also low numbers of nos which was 22% and 11 people said this.

The second most important findings some students don’t even use a pencil which means they don’t do their work. They also say they break their pencil and don’t care about school life.

One quote that was their exact words is “I don’t have a pencil, but a pen.” Jerold Xiong said this and he is in 10 grade and his SLC is EES. He just happened to be my best friend since 4th grade to 10th grade.

Notable fact about this is if they would say yes or no. And if they say no, to me that means they never do their work in class.

The whole point of this survey was to see how much people use pencils. It also tells if they do their work. Then it should tell how much money they have in their life.

Do you use a pencil?

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