Girl Gets Taken Out Of Yearbook because of What She’s Wearing.

Jordane Stemen , Reporter

A former student at Lincoln high school in Stockton, California, Crystal Cumplido, has recently been not included in her senior year yearbook. She was left out of the year book because of what she was wearing. Cumplido believes the school is discriminating against her and what she was wearing.

At Lincoln high school, when the seniors take their portraits there is a dress code. Boys wear a back suit or tuxedo with a red bow tie and the girls wear a black dress or wrap. That has always been an dress code for the senior pictures at that school.  Cumplido happened to be one student that wore the black suit and red tie in her senior portrait. She was unaware that if she had worn what she wore she wouldn’t be in the yearbook. When she found out that she was not in the yearbook, she felt discriminated by the school. Also Cumplido said, “It’s like I didn’t even exist in Lincoln.”

The school board said that they didn’t know of the situation untill it was brought upon them. But they will be glad to redo the picture and print out new yearbooks that include Cumplido. Lincoln Unified School District Superintendent Tom Uslan said that the district is thinking about changing the dress code policy for senior portraits. He also said, “On behalf of Lincoln Unified, we apologize to anyone who has been adversely affected by this.”

Crystal Cumplido simply wore what she wore because it was what she was comfortable with. Not to try and make a joke out of it. That is why she was frustrated, not only that but they weren’t giving straight forward answers as to why she wasn’t in the yearbook. This is obviously because the school didn’t want her to think they were discriminating against her. That’s why Superintendent Tom Uslan decided to take matters into his own hands and allow Cumplido to retake her photo and reprint the yearbooks so everyone including Cumplido is in the yearbook.