Excluded From the Yearbook

Kristy Vang , Reporter

Two students from Stockton’s Lincoln’s High School have been removed from the yearbook. Crystal Cumplido noticed that her photo was not in the yearbook, in which she claims that it because she wore a tuxedo and red tie instead of a dress. Not only was Crystal Cumplido excluded from the yearbook, but Mari Champagne was also not in the yearbook.

Senior portraits are quite important and significant to majority of the seniors. Senior portraits signify the mark of their fourth and last year of their high school career. If a student picture is not in the yearbook, it would be wrong and make them feel like they do not even exist.

It is wrong to exclude any students from the yearbook for whatever reasons. There are numerous solutions that could be used to prevent the exclusion from happening. Although it might have been because of their attire, the coordinator or whoever is responsible for the rule of conduct should have warned the students before they even took their picture. Students who came to take their pictures should not be able to take their pictures if it was because of their attire. The staffs should have been aware of this, or at least figured it out.

Some staffs might think that it is not a big deal. However, they are so wrong. Senior portraits are quite meaningful for the senior students. No one would like to be excluded and not be remembered for the rest of their lives. Their high school peers will be buying yearbooks and having their friends sign it. What if Cumplido’s or Champagne’s friends wanted them to sign the yearbook, but they’re not even in the yearbook? It is not right to discriminate or exclude anyone.

It is the coordinator’s responsibility to handle the situation and mistakes. As an upcoming senior, many of the seniors at Cesar Chavez High School look forward to take their senior portraits in July. Fortunately, Cesar Chavez High School has never excluded any students before for any reason, and many students are confident in the Cesar Chavez High School’s senior portrait system.