Students Should Be Able to Leave Campus For Food

Ditch and eat? More like sign out and eat.

Whether you think that school lunch is gross or not, every student should be able to enjoy a good lunch everyday. And even though the school staff and CSMs won’t let us leave, students still sneak off. When students sneak off campus, it not only results the loss of instructions for their class but they also get a call home. This may lead to problems at home- such as being grounded for ditching class. So in order to solve this problem, we think that we should be allowed to leave campus to enjoy a good lunch.

In order to be able to leave campus, the students should have to check out and upon return they should sign back in to signify their time off campus. Another aspect of this proposed idea is that students would only have one or two days a week where they are able to leave campus to buy lunch. Lastly, if students try to abuse this privilege they would lose it for the remainder of the school year.

Every time that a student or someone from the school has proposed something close to this idea they have been faced with backlash. The staff believe that by letting student leave campus for lunch, we run the risk that the students will not return to school. Honestly that is mostly incorrect. Yes there will be some students that will abuse this privilege but if we still close to the proposed punishment we should be able to keep it under control.

Hecks yeah we should, the food from here tastes horrible.

— Brenda Beltran, Junior, Health SLC

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Leaving campus for lunch may not be the best idea there is, but at least this way more student will be able to eat lunch and enjoy themselves. So lets have all the students come together and work to get Mr. Nelson and the staff to give us one chance to prove them that we can be responsible and mature enough to make this work.