ISIS needs to be defeated

The ruthless and gruesome killings from ISIS have terrified the whole world. They have killed people from all over the world in many barbaric ways. ISIS has threatened the United States several times which is why they are a great danger to this homeland. President Obama needs to start sending American forces to help their allies defeat the extremist group.

Although American airstrikes and other assistance from the U.S. have brought some relief to those that ISIS has threatened, It’s not going to stop ISIS. Defeating the extremist group will require an organized, long-term coalition of nations addressing not only military threats, but religious issues as well.

I know that a large amount of people don’t want troops on ISIS. But we have to send troops because they are the world’s greatest danger at the time. Another reason is because the other ally nations need the leadership and support of the United States to defeat ISIS.

Should there be American troops on ISIS?

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To summarize, the United States needs to send troops and make coalitions to get rid of ISIS as soon as possible before they become more powerful and expand even more.