Drugs isn’t the answer


Turning to drugs doesn’t solve anything. You may feel like it does, but it doesn’t. You’re only hurting yourself. Some teenagers that feel like they don’t belong or fit in do drugs. It makes them feel cool because everyone else is doing it. They try really hard to have a good impression in front of the popular crowd. Instead of turning to drugs, teenagers should talk to an adult who will be able to help them make the right choices.

Adults may see like they don’t care, but they do. They were once a teenager, so they’ll understand what you are going through. Once you get everything out of your system, you will feel ten times better. They may give you some good advice and help you overcome what you’re going through one step at a time.

Drugs are bad, don’t do them!

— Jorge Alcaraz, Sophmore, Engineering and Environmental Science

Some people say that teenagers don’t always talk to adults, but in reality they just want someone to listen to them. A lot of adults may think they are childish and making things more complicated, but it’s hard for them to open up. They have to feel comfortable to be able to pour out their feelings and whatever is on their mind. By showing them that they are here to listen, they will make better choices.

Don’t turn to drugs as a resort. There will always be someone you can lean on. Don’t ever feel like you’re alone because you have your parents, family, counselor, teachers, etc… to turn to. They might surprise you with the advice they give. So try talking to an adult in your life, you will feel more relieved.

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