Students Should Do Their Homework

Aaliyah Barnes, Reporter

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Not enough students do homework. They’re either outside the house, or on their phones maybe doing other things that aren’t homework. Students need an organized time of when they should do their homework.

Students can also organize their time more wisely by doing their homework first then do whatever they were doing afterwards. Students are falling behind by not completing homework assignments, putting other irrelevant things they’re first priority. Also by doing that they are putting their education in risk because this affects whether they graduate or not. This can create a bad habit for them.

I agree.”

— Stephon Him

We understand some of the other students disagree with this, might have they’re own opinion, but this is guaranteed that if you do not have any type of education I’m pretty sure you wont have a good paying job etc…             basically you’ll have a much harder life without education . Education is the key, especially if you have goals and ambitions.

The parents can give them a certain time for them to do their homework.  Also, they can probably do it on their free time during school. Our Suggestion is clearly reasonable due to the fact that not enough students complete their homework, so now parents can pitch in and help solve this problem. Students now have an organized time frame for homework. This is a serious issue. STUDENTS, we repeat that they will NOT pass any given classes nor graduate if this continues. This organized time frame helps benefit their future of course, we’re just trying to help students succeed or fulfill their goals and ambitions. That’s our job as people of society, to be on track and do what is expected of us.