Police Get Away With Too Much

Garianna Norwood, Reporter

what do you think should be a solution to recent police behaviors?

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When will society have enough and put their foot down? Just because police are in a position of authority does not mean they have the right to abuse their power. Rodney King, James Rivera, and Misty Holt-Singh are all forms of police brutality. It shows that police do get away with too much. Since police are too old for a babysitter, they should have to walk around with a body camera.

The police are supposed to serve and protect. With all the events that have been occurring it’s hard to confide in the police. Body cameras can start police on a road to rebuild trust with the community. With the body cameras police can be held accountable for their actions. No more lying or trying to cover their tracks. This way there will be plain evidence and they can be punished accordingly.

Most people feel that police will still be able to get away with anything due to the fact they are people in authority. However, in Rialto, California, police are required to wear body cameras, and in one year reports and complaints have already dropped by 88 percent.

Not only will the police behave better, but citizens will too. Take in to consideration that body cameras can solve many problems such as: police brutality, abuse of power, and citizens defiant behavior.

Police take advantage because they think they are the law.”

— Victor Villanueva