Stop the first period tardy sweeps!

img064First period tardy sweeps originally started a few days before fall break and it will continue through out the whole year. It’s unfair for them to assume that students are ready for school after being off for a whole week. They should assume that over fall break or any break that students don’t go to sleep early. A majority of students over break would fall asleep pass their original sleeping schedule and would wake up around noon or even in the afternoon.

The reason why first period tardy sweeps are a bad idea is because it isn’t fair for any student  that isn’t able to make on time at school because of traffic and the bus schedules, plus the distance from where they live to the school. Sometimes they don’t have a ride in general, maybe because of their parents have to work, their siblings have school or something happen.

People who are against the idea of getting rid of the first period tardy sweeps, say that it would help out with the schools attendance  and make it look better overall. But as much as they do it, it won’t make a big difference. A lot of students are going to be late everyday, so they shouldn’t get punished for it. It might not had been their fault that they were late, they can’t control what happens in Stockton.