Beat The Tardy Sweep

Positive effects come out of tardy sweeps

We praise that tardy sweeps are positive towards helping the school we attend.

Kids believe that it should’nt be done, and that its a waste of time. As many kids that are late about60, there are just as many that have the exact problem as the people late and still are able to get to school on time. Being present in a tardy sweep can be caused by a vairety of situations. You probably woke up late, got stuck in traffic, or just end up having to walk because you have no ride.img066

Whatever the case may be, there is solution to all these problems.

You woke up late? You should use two alarms so you canhave a spare one in case if this problem comes up again.

Stuck in or have to walk? Leave the house earlier.

From what we where told from the administrator that attends Cesar Chavez High School, Tardy sweeps have made advancements in the school attendance. And if it continues to do so why not keep it going. Success can be found in these tardy sweeps. Less interuptions, better grades, and even help you participate more in class. The effects of being tardy one day and recieve your first slip is just warning. It shouldn’t be a problem of your receive one.