No more tardy sweeps

Students here at Cesar Chavez High School students are constantly tardy through out the day. Administration started doing “tardy sweeps”  October 1, 2013, to possibly get students to be on time. Tardy sweeps used to be in the mornings or between classes on certain days, now there are first period tardy sweeps almost every morning.  The administration should change tardy sweeps to another time of the day to lower the rate of tardies in the mornings. That’s the time a majority of students are tardy.

It should be changed only if the student has an excuse to be tardy. If something could be achived through this editorial it would be to change first period tardy sweeps to at least another period  so that the students who have gotten to school already could have a chance to make it to their classes and not be tardy.

Administration should put themselves in the shoes of the students that are not able to get school on time. They should atleast ask why the student is late because they do not know that student’s situation.  Some the reasons students  may be late to school is because they might  not have the best way to get a ride to school or if they take the bus it might not arrive on time for that student to get to class on time before getting marked absent.

Maybe the administration could give a little slack for the students at CCHS who have a reasonable reason to be late and try to help find a way to be on time. Then maybe the rates of tardies would decrease. For students who are constantly tardy time after time a meeting should be held with that student and their parents to figure out why they’re getting to school late.The meeting should help any student here at Cesar Chavez from being tardy. This can be a way we could stop students from being late and most of all, stop tardy sweeps.