Is the long tradition of E3 Over?

Is the long tradition of E3 Over?

Jaime Vergara

E3 has been around since 1995 and has been iconic in the gaming world for announcing new games. On March 30th of this year, it was announced that E3 will be canceled this year.

E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is an in-person convection for the video game industry in the US. E3 would always take place around June in LA and would be a 3-to-4-day event where video games were announced and shown off. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and other studios would always show up and show off their games in development or even announce their release dates.

In 2020, it was the first time E3 was ever canceled, and the other studios would have to do their own announcements online. The last time we had E3 was in 2021, but Sony didn’t attend, leaving Nintendo and Microsoft, and some other smaller studios to announce their projects. In 2022, E3 was canceled again, and the Entertainment Software Association or ESA announced that E3 would come back in 2023.

The ESA partnered up with ReedPop, a company that organizes other popular conventions, and they would try to bring E3 back for 2023. However, it was announced that it would be canceled for 2023 as well. The main reason this happened is that none of the major gaming publishers would attend this year’s event. Instead, they would do their own online events or join different ones.

Major publishers save money by doing their own online events, which is why they wouldn’t attend E3. There is no announcement of E3 2024 at the time, and there probably won’t be one by the looks of it. E3 has been iconic and fun to watch during the summer, but with the rise of digital events, I don’t think that there will be another E3.