The DKOldies Drama


Recently I have been seeing videos of YouTubers opening up/reviewing consoles from DKOldies, which is a company that sells old games for an unreasonable price, and also “refurbished” consoles that are also overpriced. One of these Youtubers opened up a $400 “refurbished” ps3 and it was dirty. There was dirt and dust inside the console, and they didn’t even replace the thermal paste for the components of the console.

This YouTuber opened a couple of other consoles beforehand, but they were all not refurbished. It’s like DKOldies just checked if the consoles worked and then sold them. They also gave them an aftermarket ps3 controller, even though the listing says it comes with the official DualShock 3.

To add even more controversy they even banned another YouTuber from buying from their store who may expose them.

DkOldies made a video showing them how the “refurbish process” works. When the video was posted, many comments were talking about the conditions of the consoles YouTubers received, and DkOldies deleted those comments like they were trying to hide something.

They may be doing this to get free attention for the store, but I wouldn’t recommend buying from DkOldies. 


Here are are some examples of Reviews:

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