Bus stop closed after near tragedy (h)


Last month there was a near-tragedy on the Chavez campus. On Thursday, September 19th the student Rick Sánchez was clipped by the city bus at the corner of Holman and Windflower. Many students know the mad rush that there is to get on the first bus after school. The crowd is packed tight and often in the haste to get a seat on the bus people are jostled and shoved. 

On Thursday this almost led to a tragedy. In the rush to the curb as the bus was spotted a student tripped and fell into the loading zone. Unfortunately for the students involved buses are not able to stop on a dime and the student did receive injuries. While we here at The Oracle do not have a full list we have been told that his injuries included a concussion and fractured ribs. This has led to a reevaluation by both campus administration and the Stockton City Transit at the bus stop on Holman and Windflower.

The conclusion they came to the following Monday was told to me by Principal Jackson “ It’s a safety concern, point blank and both the school and the city don’t believe that that bus stop is safe.” Jackson went on to explain that while the bus stop will continue to operate that particular bus route is being decommissioned and students will be required to either find alternate bus routes or alternative transportation. The Stockton City Transit has requested that students pick up the bus on Hammer out front of Walmart. 

We here at The Oracle wish the best to the young man that was injured and hope for him to have a swift recovery.