Samsung vs Iphone


Can’t decide between Samsung or iPhone? Not sure which will be a better fit for you? Well here are a few things that can help you ultimately decide, Samsung or iPhone.


Samsung is one of the most innovative phone hardware companies when compared to others such as Apple. This company makes its phones with high-end camera quality, and amazing screen displays, while also being one of the first cell phone brands to include a fingerprint sensor on its phone.

Samsung phones come with all the handy features needed in an everyday cell phone including WIFI, a built-in flashlight, airplane mode, Bluetooth, and can even be used for a VR screen. However, as with every device, there are some downfalls to the Samsung phone. Such problems can include the phone’s poor battery life, a faulty software system, and even the loss of processing power.



IPhones are part of an innovative phone hardware company called Apple that rivals Samsung. These phones captured the world’s attention starting all the way back in 2007, when they brought an intuitive and friendly desktop environment to the mobile platform.

Apple iPhones have a consistent premium build with clear-cut camera quality that reflects the smooth user interface that comes with each and every iPhone. Iphones have an amazing battery life (even after several years of use) with a unique closed ecosystem, from Apple Ipads, to Airpods, Macs, and more.

Although there are some downfalls to these phones as well. Iphones are extremely overpriced with expensive accessories and limited internal storage size that can’t hold too much. These phones hold no headphone jack. And no SD card slot for extra storage, causing the storage system to fill up very fast on these phones.