The Meta Quest 2 price increases $100 – A turnoff for consumers?


Meta Quest 2 Price Increase

The Oculus Quest 2, now known as the Meta Quest 2 just recently received a 33% price increase. This is the first time a product from the gaming industry received a price increase since its release. The system didn’t get any upgrades or changes, so why is the Meta Quest 2 getting a price increase? ]

The reason that Meta is doing this is that the costs to make and ship the Quests have increased. The prices for the Meta Quest 2 went into effect on August 1st, and will now come with a code for Beat Saber which will expire on the 31st of December.

The new price for the 128gb model will now be $399.99 and the new price for the 256gb model will be $499.99. People who would want to get into VR or are interested in VR now have to pay a hundred dollars more to experience the Meta Quest.

There are no cheaper options since Meta discontinued the 64gb model which costs around $199,99 and there aren’t any consumer-friendly options right now that are like the Meta Quest.