Milk Crate Challenge



Caitlin Thov, Columnist/Reporter

There’s been a new challenge going around all over social media, referred to as the Milk Crate Challenge. The main goal is to go over a pyramid shape set up from milk crates, with only the touch of your steps, no hands at all. But what is this challenge all about?

It appears to have begun on August 1 with a Facebook video. The video immediately went viral, spreading through all social media platforms with the hashtag #MilkCrateChallenge. The publicity and interactions that it has gained from August to now are drastic.

The challenge seems pretty simple and you’d have confidence when seeing videos that you could walk or even run amongst it to make it up and down, which most find out quickly is not the case at all as you can see in the video from 209Times. 

You will encounter most videos with tall stacks of milk crates being kicked over or pushed as soon as the person reaches close to the top, or them falling all on their own. Some of the falls result in very intense falls too, so make sure your health insurance is up to date as this challenge is an at your own risk type of challenge.

People have begun creating meet-ups to recreate this viral challenge and have a laugh. Some of the meetups are becoming more intense each time, to gain more of a challenge than it already is. If you see a bundle of milk crates and a crowd of people, prepare for a thud, and keep a distance to avoid being smacked by milk crates collapsing, and good luck to whoever the strong, brave soul is that decided to attempt this challenge.