The truth behind Claire Miller

Was It More Than Sister Love?


Claire Miller is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives in Pennsylvania with her parents and nineteen-year-old sister Helen. She had a large following on the app TikTok, with just around 32k followers and millions of views. To everyone, she seemed normal just like the rest of us. But there was much more to her behind closed doors. 

Who is Claire Miller? Her parents and all you need to know - TheNetlineOn Wednesday, February 24th Claire Miller had stabbed her nineteen-year-old sister in the neck while her parents were asleep. Helen Miller was wheelchair-bound, she suffered from cerebral palsy. Many people on TikTok were blaming the parents for not hearing their daughter scream to her last breath. But many who suffer from cerebral palsy are non-verbal depending on the severity of it. 

After Claire killed Helen, she had called 911 telling them that she stabbed her older sister. When the cops arrived at the scene it was reported that Helen had a pillow over her face and a knife stuck in her throat. As well, Claire was found in the snow-covered in blood. 

Although Claire is a minor, due to the severity of the case she is being charged as an adult. She is being held at the Pennsylvania Lancaster County Prison. Claire is being held in a juvenile dorm with others around her age but she is most likely on suicide watch. She remains in prison as she awaits her court appearance on March 30th.