Social anxiety and how to deal with it


It’s hard living with social anxiety because it causes unnecessary stress and often makes you miss important opportunities such as friendships, jobs, etcetera, but after dealing with social anxiety for so long I’ve found many ways to cope. Here, I’m going to share a couple of tips on how to deal with social anxiety so you can live a stress-free, social life.

Millions of people deal with social anxiety around the world, whether it is when presenting something, meeting new people, having an interview, or even just walking around in public. As someone who has an introverted personality and deals with social anxiety constantly, I understand how it feels. The excessive sweating when talking to someone, not being able to keep eye contact, the thought that everyone around you is judging you, the uncontrollable trembling of your body, avoiding social situations then feeling bad about yourself afterward, I could go on and on. 

Face Your Fears Instead Of Hiding From Them 

Those with social anxiety know they pretend to scroll through social media or check your phone to avoid social situations trick, but this is actually making your social anxiety worse. Instead of hiding behind your phone you should face the situation head-on and get yourself use to talking. Even if you have a few awkward slip-ups, you’ll be fine. After all, everyone is awkward and messes up in social situations on occasion.

Remember to Breathe

Social situations may make your heart race and cause you to sweat excessively, but as long as you remember to breathe and speak with confidence it’ll help you overcome social anxiety. Try taking deep breathes before talking or even before going to whatever social event you’re attending to try and calm your nerves.

Think Positive

People with social anxiety tend to think of the worse possible outcomes when going to a social event or even talking to someone. They either think something embarrassing is going to happen to them or that they might say something embarrassing that’ll haunt them for eternity. You should get rid of the mindset completely and start to think positive for a change. This will allow you to take more chances in life and help you cope with social anxiety tremendously. Even if the thoughts are false confidence th3ey will still help make you feel better. 

Stop Caring About What Others Think

Through social media and movies, it is thought that others judge every little thing you do, but in reality, no one really cares. For the ones that do care, you should just ignore them completely and cut them out of your life. After you stop caring, social anxiety isn’t even a problem anymore.

Social anxiety can cause a lot of trauma and can make you feel like you have no one at times. It can make you feel lost and trapped, but it can get better. Hopefully, some of these tips help you cope with social anxiety so you can prosper and have a more fulfilling life.