Carroll Shelby’s last car and legacy

Carroll Shelbys last car and legacy

The 2013 Cobra was a very important and special year for ford. Like any other cobra, it was a beast pumping out 662 hp for a car that came out in 2013. It had a 5.8L with a twin-screw supercharger. Comparable to today’s standards the 2020 Hellcat makes around 707hp. Therefore the cobra, being a car that came out in 2013, still stacks up.

To put into perspective at the time the 13’ cobra had around 80 more horsepower than a Ferrari 458 spider and 40 less horsepower than an Aventador of the same year and both cost more than $340k more than the cobra. This car wasn’t just special because of the speed or looks, it was special because of Carol Shelby. 

Carroll Shelby had been making cobra cars since 1962 at the time this beast could hit 152 mph. Carol has been a huge part of Ford and the very respected and recognizable Mustang line. He continued to make cobra the most recognizable being the fastback mustang from 67’, the first super snake from 67’, fox body mustang from 93’, the sn95 mustang from 94’, as well as the terminator cobra.

Carroll Shelby had been a huge part of ford not only making the cobra Mustangs but also being a huge part of Ford’s racing team and helping with some of the best Ford racing cars we have seen. Carroll had been making cars since 62’ and was starting to get old and the last car Carroll Shelby had personal involvement in before passing away was the 2013 Cobra/gt500. 

Carroll Shelby left a great legacy behind in these cars and like any other cobra, it didn’t disappoint. Everything in this car was designed with a purpose, it had no grill just a big air hole to allow more air to come into the engine. It had a small supercharger pulley above but a huge pulley below allowing it to spin the supercharger even faster. It’s an aluminum block done with a special process that coats the inside with iron so while remaining light this block won’t crack under the 15 pounds of boost that it runs. All this while remaining a 6-speed manual. A crazy top speed of over 200mph and goes 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. It had a limited-slip differential on live rear axles the limited-slip comes into play and helps if a tire with less traction than the other tire won’t be separately spinning.