Wheels up, guns down


Every weekend the Stockton Bike Life Community meets up to have ride-outs that create a positive “Wheels Up, Guns Down” movement for kids, as well as bringing a diverse group of people from different ages and backgrounds together to ride like one.

These ride-outs are huge for the community of Stockton, CA. This city can be known as dangerous and this keeps kids out of trouble from doing much worse things. The part that surprises me the most is the diversity in the whole group. When it comes to these rides anyone and everyone are welcomed on any bike.

Recently the group has been getting a lot of hate and complaints, but the only negative thing the group does is hold up traffic for the whole group to ride safely. The longest they ever held up an intersection is less than 5 minutes which people have no patience waiting for when trains take up even longer times. 

The ride-out rules are known by everyone, but often the group is too big to control. At the end of the day, not everyone is perfect. The main rules the leaders make known to the riders are to stay to the right, do not wheelie into oncoming traffic, and wear helmets, but there is that little 5% of the group that will not follow the rules and makes them look bad. If you were to come out and experience a ride yourself you will see it is a group that is just trying to have fun and not cause any trouble.

Overall, the Stockton Bike Life Community is a great thing for the city. The main purpose of the ride-outs is to bring people together to have fun, they do not intentionally want to make others mad, but people need to have patience and have to understand how this affects the community positively. If you have a bike you can join, meet at the downtown movie theatre every Sunday from 12-1 in the afternoon.