Zoom dysmorphia affecting our lives


As you know, the majority of us have been using zoom whether it be for conference calls or for our classes. While many may not consider it, a problem can stem here from when the consideration of our own self-image comes into play.  Just like body dysmorphia, there are occurrences of “zoom dysmorphia,” as many call it, that have been seen more often with the pandemic.  

With the existence of social media, many stress over their image as a way to express their dissatisfaction that they aren’t like those they see. These platforms have tried to adjust their filters and whatnot in response to these issues, but it doesn’t change the fact that the issues exist and worsen as many still suffer from problems relating to dysmorphia. The same situation can happen over zoom or other conference apps where one tends to compare themselves to others and become more fixated over their appearance. In fact, it has been seen that zoom dysmorphia is tied to the recent rise in cosmetic procedures in the effort for someone to upgrade the version of themselves that they see on these calls.  

Most people spend less than 8 times looking at themselves in mirrors throughout the day. Now people are being asked to stare at themselves constantly for 6 hours or more a day. 

Know that you are not alone with these types of thoughts and worries. Practicing healthy habits are encouraged to those who are looking for a change over these issues. But nonetheless, there are tons of support out there for those who have concerned or anxious thoughts over their bodies.