How to ready yourself for a job interview over Zoom


Do you have a job interview over Zoom, but don’t know what to do or what to wear?

What is a Zoom Interview and How to Ace itWell a lot of other people are wondering the same thing and I am here to give some tips on what to do. With COVID-19 spreading throughout the world companies have begun to hold job interviews over Zoom for safety and health reasons. This can be a whole new process for people who have only ever had job interviews in person and for people who are unfamiliar with video chatting. 

Today I am going to share 5 of my best tips to help you get ready for your job interviews and I hope that they’ll help you prepare yourself for the Zoom.

Top 5 Tips to Prepare You For Your Zoom Interview

1)Wear the right clothing

Everyone knows that you should dress to impress during a job interview so you should do the same when doing an interview over Zoom. Make sure to wear a clean dress shirt and jeans. Even though you won’t have to show your lower half, jeans will help keep you confident during the interview. Be sure not to wear a hoodie, beanie, hat, or gaudy jewelry to keep yourself looking professional and clean.

2)Have a clean background

A background during a Zoom interview is just as important as your clothing. Be sure to have a clean and tidy background where nothing too personal is being shown. One of the best backgrounds is to have a blank empty wall so there’s no chance of the employer seeing a messy bed and laundry on the floor. If you choose to go with a virtual background, make sure it is professional looking as well. 

3)Find good lighting

Since the interview is over a video chat it’ll be harder for the employer to get the full picture of what you look like. So be sure to have appropriate lighting so the employer can see you clearly instead of a silhouette.

4)Get away from any distractions

We all know that life at home can be full of distractions, whether it be siblings, pets, or even the neighbor mowing the lawn. You should try to find an empty room that you know nobody will come into and have the interview there. If you live in a busy household where every room is occupied at all times then try explaining your situation to the employer instead, they’ll understand.

5)Wear headphones

Wearing headphones may seem out of the ordinary, but it’ll help you a lot during the interview. It’ll aid you in hearing what the employer is asking so you won’t have to ask them to repeat the question and the headphones will block out a lot of background noises.

I hope that these tips will help you ace your next job interview. Be sure to stay calm and to answer each question loud and clear so the employer can hear how you’re the perfect candidate for the job. Good luck!


Chavez students, if you are lucky enough to get the job remember to contact Mr. Calder about getting a work permit as well.