The truth behind the Slender man stabbings


The suspects of the slender man stabbings

Everyone must know Slender man or at least heard of him once throughout your lifetime, since he is a well known creepy pasta equal to Jeff the killer and has an inspired movie in 2018 starring Joey King. Slender man, a lore popular among scary stories and an urban legend in its own right is a spectral man that is portrayed as unnaturally tall and thin with a featureless pale white face. He wears a black suit and tie and is sometimes shown with and without his long black tentacles he uses in combat. If you were to be caught by Slender man, he doesn’t do the killing himself but rather encourages others to commit the act to please himself. Unfortunately all of the places he haunts is gone now, just in case you were thinking of going on a thrilling spooky quest to find him. Though I advise you not to.

Children nowadays are also rarely allowed to play alone and outside near the woods and are advised to stay indoors due to ‘Slender man’ taking them away from their families and the fear that comes with it. Now, what does Slender man have to do with attempted murder? The answer itself is simple. The case itself involved three girls who were 12 years old at the time of the incident. Payton Leutner [the victim and now 18] was stabbed a total of 19 times by her friends who goes by the names of Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier [the suspects]. As opposed to why they committed the crime against their dear friend Payton, the claim of course, it was to please the Slender man himself.

The story of how her friends Morgan and Anissa lead her into the Waukesha woods of Wisconsin started from a fictional meme about Slender man. Morgan and Anissa had stated that they had received orders from Slender man himself to murder their friend Payton or else their families would be the one to pay if his wish was not honored and fulfilled. With what was really going on inside of these 12 year old minds then were unknown. It is beyond reasonable for something that was made up in the creepy pasta world on the internet to defend your morbid actions against a friend.

After they led  their friend in to the woods and stabbed Payton a total of 19 times in her chest, abdomen, arms, and legs, the two girls then went off into the woods to find Slender man himself. Thankfully a bicyclist stumbled upon Payton and called 911 to save her, soothing and comforting her in the process while providing water for her as well. Payton survived the horrific attack from her friends on May 31, 2014 and was put in intensive care for weeks, resulting in 25 scars she now accepts and carries with her.

With the attack, Payton had said that she would not have become the person she is today if not for the misdeeds of her used-to-be friends. She had stayed strong and painted this incident into her memory that will never fade physical and psychological.