What is Quotev?

What is Quotev?

Quotev is a creative platform used by millions for quizzes, stories, surveys, and polls, and was founded in 2008. There are currently about 1.72 million stories and 1.50 million quizzes published. The site also has ways to communicate with others in activity posts, journal entries, and with personal messages or group chats.

Quizzes go over a large amount of different topics if you’re into anime, superheroes, history, or literally anything else; there’s a quiz for anyone. Stories go from fan-fictions, original fictions, and nonfictions.  Some users even upload their artwork to the story section to show artistic skills.

People don’t even need an account to view anything, but if you have one you’re able to save stories or quizzes to a library, and get notifications on any updates. With an account you’re able create stories or quizzes and are able to communicate with other users. You’re also able to customize your profile to your liking.

Many users end up connecting with others in different states or countries through group chats. Most people are fun to start a conversation with and are friendly, there are those few who are not interested in making friends. Some users have even created online families with the people that they have met. *Warning: Role playing happens in almost every chat. 

There are 5.43 million monthly users with new ones joining everyday. Most users are teenagers and there is a requirement that you are 13 years or older to make an account.