TRESemme Hair Loss Lawsuit


The brand TRESemme has taken a big hit with its latest class action lawsuit, facing the troubles regarding hair loss.  As reported by two women representing the matter, they both began experiencing severe symptoms after using the Keratin Hair-Smooth Shampoo. Both of these women began experiencing severe burns on their scalp as well as losing clumps of hair within a short time span before deciding to see a doctor to fix the problem. 

With this being said, the product contains a formaldehyde called DMDM hydantoin. The ingredient has the ability to cause cancer while the brand has failed to warn the public of its properties and the risks. It also has been stated that the brand has known this fact since 2012. Since the incident, the brand, Unilever, has been sued for false advertisement, failure to warn it’s clients, and of a defective design.

Unilever is clearly in the wrong for the happening of this incident, though it has also been found since this lawsuit that there are other products which contain DMDM hydantoin. Products like the OGX Ever Straightening Plus Keratin line and multiple products from Suave alongside the TRESemme products. Have you been losing hair? You may want to look into the product you use in case it contains such an ingredient.