The Fearless Song

The Fearless Song

There are many art forms that one may use to allow their voice or opinion to be heard. One that many use to talk about social change is through music. Protest music can be songs that are made in hopes to raise awareness of social topics or current events. One song, in particular, brings awareness to femicide that is happening in Mexico.

If you don’t know what it is, femicide is when women and young girls are being intentionally murdered by men because of their gender. According to CNN, almost 1,000 women and young girls were murdered in the first four months of this year in Mexico. It has gotten to the point that Ciudad Juarez, also known as the City of Death, has become a very dangerous place for women and girls to live in because of how many murders happen there. In just one month, over 20,000 emergency calls were made because of the violence that women faced. Sadly, the current president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has stated in an interview that 90% of those calls were false.

Protesters show up in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and demand justice for Isabel Cabanillas. (AFP via Getty Images)

The song called, ”Canción Sin Miedo,” is sung by Vivir Quintana that features Mon Laferte and El Palomar. Vivir Quintana uploaded the song onto YouTube on March 7, 2020 and has since gotten over 6 million views. The song talks about how women are constantly disappearing and about how they want justice. The song also begs the State and the president to take action. 

Vivir Quintana has said that one of her friends from university was sadly a victim of femicide. She hopes for citizens and the government to wake up and face this sad reality. Time and time again, the government has shown that they don’t care enough to tackle this problem that affects the people. A majority of the people responsible for those deaths don’t face time and are let go. She wants action to be done and for justice to be served