Rating Thanksgiving Foods


As Thanksgiving approaches, I’ve debated with my friends on what Thanksgiving foods are the best. So I decided to rate the typical thanksgiving foods out of 10. We know that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving or eats typical Thanksgiving food, but here is a look at options that others choose for the Thanksgiving they celebrate. 

Turkey- 10/10, obviously one of the best dishes on the table. Almost everyone wants it fresh as well as left over for sandwiches. 

Ham- 5/10, it’s honestly a hit or miss, depending on who makes it, honey or not. 

Dressing- 10/10, I don’t care what anyone says, it’s one of the best.

Boxed Stuffing- if you willingly eat this, I do not trust you 0/10.

Green Bean Casserole- 0/10, absolutely not. Grandparents love this though. 

Collard Greens- 0/10, simply not a fan. 

Mac N Cheese- 10/10, top tier, but it better be homemade and baked. 

Mashed Potatoes- 10/10, mashed potatoes are always good, especially covered in fresh turkey gravy. 

Sweet Potato Pie- 1/10, it simply does nothing for me.

Apple Pie- 9/10, the best type of pie in my opinion, but the crust is sometimes dry.

Pumpkin Pie- 2/10, it’s alright I guess, Apple is better.

Canned Cranberry sauce- very unnecessary 1/10, even if it is made from scratch. 

Hey Titans, what are some of your favorite dishes for the holiday of chefs?