Did @Doggface208 Just Save 2020



Maribel Carrera

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, or any social media platform, you have seen Nathan Apodaca better known as Doggface208. His viral video of him skateboarding on his way to work while drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice and lip syncing to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac has reached well over 50 million views and 9 million likes.

Many joined the challenge #DreamsChallenge to encourage other to recreate Nathans laid back video and send out good vibes. Celebrities such as Shakira, Dr Phil, Lele Pons, George Lopez, Tom @Doggface208 with his new car gifted by Ocean SprayHayes the CEO of Ocean Spray, and many others jumped to action to film their own. The video gained so much popularity that Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood created TikTok accounts to even hop on the challenge.

On a personal note with all the exposure Nathan gained from his videos success and donations he is now able to be comfortable financially. He was gifted a new car from Ocean Spray and was able to put a down payment in hopes of getting a house soon. His merch sales have also been a hit since the video went viral, he previously embroidered beanies by hand but since their in such demand now he hasn’t been able to.

Nathan explained how he didn’t know the video was going to be big and that he was just making a video like he usually does, trying to make others smile. He said his content on social media wont change he’ll continue to do his skateboarding videos along with dancing and skits.